Enjoy Learning at your own pace with 1 to 1 computer lessons.


At BTT Development, we understand that not every generation was raised around technology and most older generations can struggle to keep up.

Our 1to1 lessons aim to help you get to grips with all this new age stuff from laptops, smartphones and Pc's in the comfort of your own home! So in no time, you’ll be able to whizz about the internet googling and finding all the things you can imagine.


How the service operates

We save you the hassle of travelling to the lessons. We bring the lessons to you. Studies have shown that information is absorbed when you are in a comfortable state and are familiar with your surroundings. We aim to make this a worthwhile experience for you.

Our standard fee per lesson is just €35. For additional lessons, please see the price list below. Long-distance travelling may incur a reasonable travel fee to account for the travel time taken. The cost can be provided in advance.

Extra lesson? It's up to you! The only thing we ask of you is for 48 hours notice so we don't double book and leave someone disappointed. We provide long term training packages where tuition spans several sessions, focusing on specific skill improvements, or work on your computer to get it in order if updates are required etc.

Follow Up Remote Support/training
is also available.  We can provide remote assistance directly to your email account and over the phone for any follow-up questions or computer issues.

What will I learn?

In our computer lessons you will learn how to use all of the below and we go at your own pace we will not rush you and all our lessons are 1 to 1 so you can have all the guidance you can imagine.

The topics we cover:

  • The basics of Computers/Laptops/Smartphones
  • Email and Facebook
  • Internet web browsing
  • Online shopping
  • Security online
  • Images
  • Microsoft Office platform

and anything extra you would like.

1to1 Computer Lesson Prices

Our computer lessons are offered at fantastic rates that get even better if you buy a block of lessons.

  • 1 lesson = €35
  • 2 lessons = €65
  • 3 lessons = €90

Prices may vary if a long distance of travel is required. Please contact for more information.

Offers are available for bulk buy. Contact us now for more information. Personal packages may also be quoted if you so wish.

Our Promise

Don't worry, we will not go through the material at a crazy pace. During the first lesson, we can work out the pace at which you learn best and go from there.