Create An Ad In A Few Steps

The Impact...

Facebook Ads have impacted businesses in a massive way by creating email campaigns and also by creating Facebook promotional adverts at the same time. This is the path the majority of your future customer traffic will lead. "Everything goes through social media these days". We will get you there with minimal fuss, effort and cost.

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01  Define your target

Decide who will see your ad and set your budget. You can target people similar to your contacts or choose certain demographics.

02  Design Your Ad

Add some eye-catching content and messaging, then choose a clear call to action. We’ll walk you through it step by step.

03  Review & Submit Your Set-up

Check out your ad one last time, then hit submit. You’ll start seeing reports within 24 hours with likes, sales, and more.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of reaching entirely new audiences, in addition to reconnecting with old clients and customers. There's a lot more to the craft of social media marketing than writing a quick tweet here and there. Successful social media marketing takes dedication, expertise and a lot of knowledge - a sound social media strategy is absolutely essential to avoid wasting money on failed adverts.



Mentoring & Guidance

We can provide you with one-on-one guidance, mentoring and training covering every aspect of your business online. By combining an effective digital marketing strategy with your company's brand and a fully responsive website, your business will become an unstoppable online force!

Strategy & Research

Before you even consider sharing that photo, audit audit audit! Our social media audit is the perfect place to start your journey. Whether you have millions of followers or have just set up your first profile, we can help.

What's in our audits? An in-depth competitor analysis and thorough research into your industry. Our social media experts will then come up with recommendations that adhere to global industry best practice, propelling your business into social success.



Online Brand Reputation

Convert potential clients with a reaffirming and positive brand image. In the online world, reputation is everything. Once a bad review is published, it lasts forever. Let our experts do damage control and help portray your company in a positive light.

Promotion & Advertising

We're not going to lie, we LOVE Facebook Adverts. A good campaign can target the most-niche audiences imaginable. Is your ideal client a 37 year old mother-of-two living in Baltimore that loves whale-watching and roller derby? We've got you covered.

Want to sell to retired male teachers living in Cavan with a passion for property investments? Check, we can find them. Target your ideal customers through location, age, interests and browsing behaviours.

Avoid your clients skipping over your adverts online - we know what works and what to avoid. We aim to drive down your advertising costs while increasing your conversion rate. Maintenance & Reporting

Once you have the background knowledge sorted and the adverts up and running, it's time to look after your investment. Our experts will mentor you one-on-one and we'll make sure your ads are running smoothly and converting browsers into clients.

What does social media marketing maintenance include?

  • Custom content calendars planning your posts and activity
  • Staying in the loop with industry-related news to share
  • Building relationships with your audience
  • Monitor user interaction and provide monthly reports on your social media profiles