What Are SEO Keywords?

At BTT Development, we conduct keyword research to keep up to date with common trends. It’s not uncommon for our clients to favour one set of words when describing their products or services, only, to then find, that their target audience, are mostly using completely different search terms in many of the popular search engines. Keyword research is critical to ensure that our clients are using the same words as their target audience.

Once we have found and agreed upon the keywords that work for their business, these keywords need to be put to work. It is recommended that relevant keywords should be included in several high attention areas on their website.

Relevant keywords should be featured in:

  • The title of the page
  • The URL slug
  • The page copy
  • The meta tags and descriptions
  • Image alt tags

Google may penalize you if you overuse keywords, by giving you a lower ranking or potentially, removing your website completely.

It is important to remember that successfully optimised websites tend to have thousands of keywords, because Google picks up words in the content as keywords whether they are targeted or not. At BTT Development, we tend to target around 5-7 keywords that we believe your business will be able to rank highly in Google with.

SEO Keywords should be refreshed every now and again, to ensure the keywords on your website are still being searched for by your target audience.

At BTT Development, we emphasis our attention on helping business owners with their website and the maintenance of their website, For your free quotation or if you wish to learn more about how our websites are designed and how they can benefit you and your company and how BTT Development can make your website be the online tool you need it to be, please contact us, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or email us at bttdevelopment@gmail.com.

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